Mid-November Link Assortment


IF Comp judging ends today — you may have a few hours left to register your opinions, if you wish — and results will be available soon.

Today also marks the beginning of fos1’s jam for TADS games, which will run through early 2022. This is intended to invite more authors to try out the TADS system and put some fresh energy into that ecosystem.

November 21, the Oxford/London IF Meetup has a session on writing and narrative design for hire: we’ll be talking not just about how to get freelance writing work, but about what that work tends to involve and how to approach clients of different types.

November 29 is the next meeting of the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction.

December 4 is the next meetup of the San Francisco Bay Area IF Group.


50 Years of Text covers Versu, with a background on what the platform was, how it worked, and what ultimately happened to it.

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