End of January Link Assortment


February 5 is the next meeting of the SF Bay IF Meetup.

February 20 is the next meeting of the Seattle IF Meetup, and will be held via Discord, so people are welcome to attend remotely. It will feature a guest appearance from Daniel Ravipinto, one of the authors of the classic parser IF game Slouching Towards Bedlam.

If you wish to enter Spring Thing this year with a new work of interactive fiction, you have until March 1 to submit your intent to enter, and March 31 to complete your game.


The Winter TADS jam for games written in TADS has now entered its judging phase; there was only one entry, Past Present by Jim Nelson. It’s getting some good buzz from players, though – you can check that out here.

Nominees have been announced for the 2022 IGF awards, with some especially strong contenders in the narrative category this year.

I have not yet played all of these games, but I very much enjoyed Overboard! (a classic interactive fiction story in mobile-friendly form) and Unpacking (which contains almost no text at all); and I was intrigued by what I’ve played of Closed Hands.

Andrew Plotkin has written about many of these games on his blog, as well as some of the other contenders that didn’t make it to nomination.


logo for the ink scripting tool

A user guide to ink is now available in physical form from inkle, including all the guidance you might find in the online documentation, but some extra tips as well. My copy arrived today, and it’s lovely – and already proving itself useful.


Failbetter is hiring a Senior Writer/Narrative Content Designer – details here. The position is open to applications through February 7. We do hire remotely, but note that there are core working hours and that the job may be tougher fit for someone outside Europe/Africa timezones.

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