End of February Link Assortment


March 5 is the next meeting of the SF Bay Area IF Meetup.

March 21, I’m speaking at the GDC AI summit (at a fairly silly hour of my morning, but a relatively normal time for US-based people) about the work underlying Mask of the Rose, and especially the way NPC decision-making is exposed as part of the story.

The Foundations of Digital Games conference will be September 5-8 in Athens this year; they invite papers and presentations on topics including game design and game technology, and they also accept playable games and demos to share. Their call for papers is up now: papers are due March 25, while game and demo submissions have until May 27.

March 30, I’ll be speaking as part of the University of Bedfordshire’s Beds Talks: Telling Stories event. The focus of that event is on writing rather than on games per se, so I’ll be talking about what I do from that perspective.

Spring Thing entries are due March 31 — as participating authors are probably keenly aware — but that means that for the rest of us, the new games will become available to play in early April.

NarraScope is back this year, and will run online July 30-31, 2022. If you’d like to submit something to it, the deadline for proposing a talk is 22 April 2022.


Other Conferences

Perhaps you like the idea of presenting about your interactive narrative work ata conference but none of the above options feels like the right timing or fit.

For academic conferences that take on interactive story and narrative proposals and/or game AI, keep an eye out also for ICIDS 2022 and AIIDE 2022 (I haven’t found a dedicated website for it this year).

Meanwhile, the call for full length papers is closed for ICCC 2022, the International Conference on Computational Creativity, as that conference is happening earlier this year, June 27-Jul 1, but they are likely to make a call for short-form papers soon – so if you think something you’re working on might be a good fit for a short presentation there, you’ll want to check back at their website.

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