End of May Link Assortment


June 4 is the next meeting of the SF Bay IF Meetup.

June 5 is the next meeting of the Seattle IF group, 2-4 PM PDT.

Narrascope registrations are now open for July 30-31: the event is low-cost and remote, and features speakers on many aspects of interactive narrative.


Hannah Nicklin’s Writing for Games is now available:

Focussing on the independent videogames sector, this book provides readers with a vocabulary to articulate and build their games writing practice; whether studying games or coming to games from another storytelling discipline. Writing for Games offers resources for communication, collaboration, reflection, and advocacy, inviting the reader to situate their practice in a centuries-long heritage of storytelling, as well as considering the material affordances of videogames, and the practical realities of working in game development processes.

The book version of Aaron Reed’s 50 Years of Text Games series is coming to Kickstarter – you can sign up to be notified of the launch.

Also upcoming, Wade Clarke will be kickstarting a game in the Andromeda series – an SF interactive series with a number of well-regarded previous entries.

Generative Projects

Lynn Cherny’s newsletter Things I Think Are Awesome continues to be a great resource on generative art and text projects right now – and there’s a lot going on in that space.

Lynn was kind enough to hook me up with an invite to Midjourney, which I’ve been enjoying greatly. Here, for instance, is what it offered for “allegorical figure representing fermentation, wine, beer, effervescence, yeast, bread”:

Volunteers Wanted

Spring Thing is seeking a new volunteer organiser. The Thing has been running for many years now, and is a respected second competition for the IF community, after the yearly IF Comp.

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