End of August Link Assortment


In early September, inkJam will be running to encourage new games written in Ink.

Interactive Fiction Club Jam opened August 26 and is running through September 16. It’s open to IF of any genre, as long as it’s safe for work.

Meanwhile, Interactive Fiction Jam #2 is running today through the end of September. This jam welcomes several genres of story-focused game; a Halloween theme is recommended but not required. Authors may use a tool of their choice, as long as the resulting game is playable on Windows.

The SF Bay IF Meetup will convene again on September 3. This will be a hybrid event, so you can attend in person if you’re in the area – or online if you aren’t.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to submit an entry to IFComp this year, you can register your intent to participate as an author by tomorrow, September 1, and make sure you’re getting email and updates about the competition as the deadline approaches. Actual games will be due September 28.

September 18 is the next meeting of the Seattle IF group.


Cover art for Noblesse Oblige, showing art of several characters gathered in the sitting room of a manor.

Noblesse Oblige is the latest Choice of Games release from Hannah Powell-Smith, part of their ongoing Crème de la Crème universe.

Tool Releases

Inform version 10.1.1 is now available: this is the open source release of Inform, but now out of beta. This release includes updated Mac and Windows IDEs. (In other words: if you looked at the open source release in April but did not want to deal with command-line work, there is now a downloadable app for Mac and Windows, as with previous Inform releases.)

The intfiction forum also offers some discussion on particulars of using these IDEs, and (if you prefer) setting up to use Inform with VSCode and command-line compilation instead.

Meanwhile, if you’re more interested in hypertext tools, Twine has also had a new release, and is now on version 2.5. This version includes a number of bug fixes, and some feature changes to make it easier to see when there are empty passages in a project that still need filling in.

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