IF Competition: General Reflections and Favorites

Being an overview of my favorites and general impressions, now that I’ve played all the games I intend to play this year. (That includes all the TADS, Inform, and ADRIFT games. I tried to fire up the Alan game, but it refused to run under Spatterlight, and Zoom doesn’t do Alan at all. Edited to add: I did eventually get Alan to work — my copy of Spatterlight was older than I thought, so I needed to download the latest.)

There are no spoilers, except inasmuch as knowing which games I liked is itself a spoiler for the comp as a whole.

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IF Competition Discussion: General Observations & Favorites

I’m done playing the games I’m going to play this year (skipping the Windows-only games, Jealousy Duel X which apparently runs on the Macintosh only under Classic, and the Quest game, which Spatterlight refused to cope with), and have submitted my votes.

A list of favorites and thoughts on the competition as a whole follow the cut. There are no specific spoilers for specific games, but people preferring to remain free of influence may want to skip reading until they’re also done playing.

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