IF Comp 2015: I Think the Waves Are Watching Me (Bob McCabe)

The 21st annual Interactive Fiction Competition is currently on, through mid-November. Voting is open to the general public; the only prerequisite is that you not be an author, not vote on games that you tested, and submit votes on at least five games. (You emphatically do not have to have played them all! In a year with so many entrants, it is very unlikely that most judges will get through anywhere near all of them.)

If you are looking for other reviews, this ifwiki page contains a list of places currently carrying them.

Screen Shot of I Think The Waves Are Watching Me

I Think the Waves Are Watching Me is a choice-based game with strongly procedural underpinnings: characters wander around an island of numerous locations, someone is committing murders, and you need to figure out who did it. But that description undersells just how weird this game is. There is a mystical talking rabbit and strange red lightning. It was not at all clear to me whether we were looking at a religious armageddon experience, or the closing down of a VR scenario, or hallucinations on the part of the protagonist, or something else entirely.

Special thanks go here to Prios, who on learning that I wasn’t able to play this game on my own system very kindly screen-shared the whole game via Skype. (Prios’ own views on this game are here, written before our play session.)

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