Introcomp Works: Tin, Three Princes

I meant to play and review all the introcomp games this year, and then other aspects of life intervened. So I didn’t vote and didn’t write up comments on most of them.

However, there’s no reason not to post the comments I did make:

Three Princes: Argh, I can’t get into this one at all. I can’t figure out what to type, and there’s a woeful lack of responsiveness to lots of basic attempts to type on the keyboard.

Tin: This is kind of awesome. Admittedly, subversive re-tellings of classic stories are nothing new, but I took a certain sick pleasure in the way this particular one went. It was also among the most polished of the entries and felt solid throughout. That said, I’m not sure how well it meets the “do you want to play more?” criterion: I feel like the premise might not bear the weight of a full-length game. It makes for a great short diversion — the length of this introduction, e.g. — but I don’t know that I want to play another hour or two or five of it.