One thought on “Adventurer’s Consumer Guide review”

  1. I’ve been searching the web fruitlessly for any info about the “Unknown Place” – the future museum you end up in if you hit yourself with the staff with the goblin trapped on the other side of the ledge from you.

    Harold’s trapped in the staff, and his wife is looking for him. I can’t find any way forward, if you get yourself in this place, that doesn’t end up in a boring “game over” when either a) the guard shoots you or b) you realize it’s the future when you go outside the building.

    I thought I had a pretty clever idea – I had a fish in my inventory, so I threw it at the orb, hoping to release Harold and amaze his wife – but even though the fish smacked into the orb, it just fell off.

    I already finished the game; I know this is just a silly bonus area… but is there something interesting to do here that I haven’t been able to find?

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