Cover Art Drive — Deadline Approacheth!

We are nearing the end of April, and thus the end of the IF Cover Art Drive. At the moment, we have some 79 entries on the Flickr site. (For a while I thought we might even hit a hundred, but that seems less likely now. Still, if you’d like to make a last minute push, I promise to… uh… be very impressed. Oh, I’d be hopeless in a Telethon, wouldn’t I?)

[Edit: The list of requested covers is complete! Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible. The drive doesn’t close until Wednesday, though, so if there’s still something from IFDB that doesn’t have a cover and that you’d like to contribute for, go ahead and send it my way!]

3 thoughts on “Cover Art Drive — Deadline Approacheth!”

  1. I haven’t run it before and don’t have any specific plans to do so again. But don’t let that discourage you! There’s nothing to stop you from approaching an author after the drive is over and saying, “hey, I liked your game, and I’d like to do some cover art — are you interested?” or something along those lines.

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