5 thoughts on “Aisle at Play This Thing”

  1. I’m slightly surprised you didn’t mention in your review the possiblity of playing _Aisle_ through Parchment.


    I don’t know if all the z5/z8 games from the archive are there (or if the ones there are all working properly), but most of them are. I just checked and _Aisle_ seems to work fine.

  2. My impression has been that Parchment isn’t quite ready for publicity outside the community; I suppose it doesn’t matter much in the case of Aisle, but in general I seem to recall it doesn’t handle saves and other meta-features yet. I’ll be happy to start pushing it when it is solid enough to be recommended to newcomers.

  3. Hmm, yeah, I didn’t think of saves. With Aisle it doesn’t really matter :) for other games it would make a big difference.

  4. Hmm, okay, clearly I confused the not-ready aspects of Parchment with those of Flaxo. But I definitely recall that there were still some issues with Parchment. (Maybe compatibility with a wide enough range of browsers?)

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