Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone

…being the SEGA game transferred to the iPhone platform.

Once again, my total lack of arcade skills tells against me. I cannot prevent my monkey from diving to a watery doom.

I think it’s to do with the fact that the camera angle changes constantly, making the tilt difficult to control because the meaning of your tilt input is also being changed from moment to moment. (And it’s as motion-sick-inducing as The Blair Witch Project.)

What happened here? Is it an unwise combination of tilt input device with camera code developed for a different platform? Or am I just Bad At This?

6 thoughts on “Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone”

  1. Super Monkey Ball has always been like that, from Sega’s original arcade machine though its incarnations on the GameCube, Wii and DS. But you’re not alone, lots of people have trouble with it.

    Don’t be fooled by the cute visuals: Super Monkey Ball is a hardcore gamer’s game, of very high difficulty. It’s no wonder John Harris picked it as one of “20 Difficult Games” in his Gamasutra article, where he writes: “Few who don’t read game sites even know the game has a Master level. Possibly the most well-guarded unlockable ever put into a video game.”

    There are easier ball-rolling games out there, for example Hudson Soft’s Korororinpa, which has a camera that tracks and zooms only (never changing angle).

  2. I spent so much time playing SMB when it came out on the GameCube – I think I’ll have to dig it out to remind myself how much fun it is.

    As Gareth says, the original is wickedly difficult. I don’t recall playing anything so resolutely determined to stop the player since the mid 1980s.

  3. Why so many iPhone posts on your IF blog?

    Because I’m also interested in games in general, and platforms which might be useful for IF in general. (And so, as far as I can tell, are some other parts of the IF community.)

  4. One thing to keep in mind with Super Monkey Ball in general (although I’m not sure how well this applies to the iPhone) is you are not moving the monkey; you are tilting the universe. It’s more like the wooden game Labyrinth than Marble Madness.

    Once I understood that the physics started to make more sense to me.

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