Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, Part 2

Web stats show that my post on Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble is getting a lot of traffic — clearly Mousechief has done something such that everyone is playing this game right now. Which is terrific, but I should issue a disclaimer: my comments on DHSGiT were based on an old demo version of the game, before the full version was completed.

I’ve since tried the new demo, and it is improved over the original in several ways: the cumbersome and confusing introductory stuff is gone, the most boring mini-games have been replaced with better ones, and the dialogue has in some places I think been made a little less arch. (At least, I found it easier to understand what was going on.) I haven’t played the full version yet, but my old critiques don’t necessarily stand.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, Part 2”

  1. I never got around to thanking you for that original article, which motivated and guided me to make the changes. Thank you.

    It means a lot to me that you found them improvements and not just changes. Please check your email for info about unlocking the game if you’d like to try the full version.

  2. Improved version? Ohh! As one of the few complaining about the original demo, I’ll make sure to try this new one then ^_^

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