IF Competition Reviews

The annual IF competition is now on! I’m reviewing the games here as I go along, and a number of other people are also doing blog write-ups. Here are the ones I know of:

Peter Nepstad
Victor Gijsbers
Aric Maddux
Gemma Bristow
J. Robinson Wheeler
Michael Martin
“Another Mr Lizard”
Joshua H
Wesley Osam
Nick Bronson
Mike Rubin
Sarah Morayati (Lucea)
Stephen Bond
Russian reviews (if your grasp of Russian is like mine, namely nonexistent, you may want this comical Google translation instead)
Merk (Mike Snyder)
http://minimumsafedistance.org/ (warning: reviews don’t seem to be cut-tagged)
Carl Muckenhoupt
Cesia (no cut-tags here either; the author claims there are no spoilers, but if you’d rather avoid seeing any information about specific games before you play, you may still want to be cautious)
Octopus Overlords forum (brief, largely unspoilery reviews; no cut-tags)
Wintericecrystal’s Youtube reviews
N. B. Horvath (detailed comments are cut-tagged; overview of comp scores are not)
Dan Shiovitz
Jacqueline Lott
Jake Wildstrom (no cut tags)
George Dorn
Christos Dimitrakakis (no cut tags)
Ben Deane (no cut tags)
“Scatmania” (I confess to a little nervousness about the title of this blog, but it does contain reviews for “Violet” and “Grief” so far, and may eventually develop others. No cut tags.)
Auntie Pixelante (no cut-tags, review of Violet only so far)
Sam Kabo Ashwell
David Fletcher
George Oliver
Rob Menke
Jimmy Maher
Various authors
Something awful forum (comments on Nightfall and Violet mixed in with thread)
Magnus Martyr
Dylan Meconis
“Gaming Dungeon”

36 thoughts on “IF Competition Reviews”

  1. Warnings on the two that Victor posted: we are simple people and do not know from jump cuts or RSS padding, so the best way to avoid spoilers is to squint at the headings through your fingers until you spot a game you’ve already played. This is less than ideal and I am very sorry and I understand if we are no longer invited to any barbecues. I wouldn’t invite us to barbecues either.

  2. Wow… there’s somebody who actually reads my blog? I had only posted one review at the time and had only mentioned it to the game’s author. Or did you subscribe in a previous year?

  3. Eriorg did a bunch of work last year putting review information on ifwiki, I believe, so probably he remembered your site from then.

    Yes, exactly. I looked again at all the (non-R*IF) reviews links from the IFWiki page about IF Comp 2007 (and also 2006, I think) and saw which websites or blogs had reviews or were probably going to have reviews soon.

  4. Thanks.

    (I didn’t actually intend/expect to set about correcting everyone else’s formatting choices! The warning is just there to protect readers, and head off any grumpy comments, not to make other bloggers follow any particular protocol. But since I personally prefer to be able to exercise fine control over which spoilers I see, I do appreciate these changes myself.)

  5. These blogs and forums don’t have any reviews yet, but there’ll probably be some reviews soon:

    I’ve posted my first two reviews at this point. I’m a slow writer but the rest will probably show up over the next two or three weeks.

  6. Added toplinks to mybloglovesme. Cost the whole rest of Ben Dixon’s critical integrity but I think it’s worth it. Also I don’t think it’s that people feel chastized by the warnings, I think the warnings just serve as a reminder that “Hey, here are my reviews, they’re not cut for spoilers” sounds a lot like “hey, give me a hug, I am covered in knives.” It is only right and natural to take the knives off.

  7. Last year was the first time we had open discussion during the comp period after many years of waiting until after the comp. It made talking about games weird.

  8. I don’t know about that – there was discussion during the comp during 2006…

    I, for one, was posting reviews while the comp was still active (I remember because some people of RGIF were shouting for them to come down while others wanted them left up), and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one…

  9. Whoa, I got linked here. That was…unexpected.

    My full name’s Sarah Morayati, incidentally, and I’m better known around the IF community as Lucea.

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