Alabaster turns 30

We’re now up to version 30. I haven’t posted a new public build, mostly because there’s a really annoying disambiguation bug I still haven’t resolved (and which I *swear* wasn’t there last time I worked on the game!). So there’s more left to do. However:

  • Did some more optimization work on the parsing, some of it fairly hacky. It helped some; not as much as I would like. I think, however, that I’m now at the point where I need to get some help with profiling the remaining issues.
  • Added complexity to Happy’s decision-making, though it turned out to be simpler and less fancy-AI-like than I had originally imagined. But when I sat down to think out the problem I decided that really there are still only a couple of plausible goals for him to have, depending on the player’s state of knowledge. These are now, I think, being handled right. (Famous last words.)
  • Emailed the artist to nudge and see what is up on that end.

After I get the disambiguation thing ironed out and work some more on the timing, we may be good for a final beta-test of the main game, and from then on it will just be multimedia polish stuff.

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