IF Comp Reviews

In case you’re dying to check out some comp reviews, I’ll post here the places I know of that are posting them as we go along.

Philip Armstrong
Sam Kabo Ashwell
Renee Choba
Cobalt Nine
Riff Conner (Minimum Safe Distance)
Conrad Cook
Ben Dixon (Another Mr Lizard)
George Dorn
Elizabeth (runnerchild)
Shane Fitzgerald-Gale
Jeremy Freese
Frozen Isles Productions (warning! short reviews all in a single post, without spoiler cuts)
Victor Gijsbers
N. B. Horvath (all in one long uncut post)
Christopher Huang
Denis Klotz
Amanda Lange
Yoon Ha Lee
Juhana Leinonen (Nitku)
Michael Martin
Rob Menke (grid of reviews but nothing actually posted yet)
Wesley Osam (Super Doomed Planet)
George Penrose
Jenni Polodna (Pissy Little Sausages)
Proactive Apathy
Rhian (Blasting Requires Dynamite)
George Shannon (newlin)
Dan Shiovitz
Mike Snyder
Michael Neal Tenuis
Mark J. Tilford (ralphmerridew)
Matt Weiner
Jake Wildstrom
WinterIceCrystal (video reviews)

Russian forum reviews in Russian and via Google translate
Octopus Overlord reviews (posted to a forum, no spoiler cuts or space)

See also: reviews broken down by game, on ifwiki.

33 thoughts on “IF Comp Reviews”

  1. Hello. I’ve noticed that there’s one entry written in german this year. Are there any german reviews? I was searching Google and found nothing.

  2. I posted reviews last year under one of my other handles (Imrihamun) and I’m going at it again this year (see linked website) with a revised and slightly more clinical schematic.

    1. I’ve increased my spoilers space, and changed the syndication setting to “short”. Let me know if this qualifies now as spoiler space. If not, how much spoiler space need I provide?

      1. What I mean by “not spoiler-cut” is that the reader doesn’t have to click “more” (or some equivalent) in order to see the spoilers. For a single review, that’s probably not a problem, and you’ve given a bunch of lines of spoiler space, which is great — but if you have numerous reviews on a page, it might be hard for the reader to scan down the page to the reviews that interest him without also browsing the undesirable ones.

        I don’t know the details of your blogging software, so I can’t tell you more specifically how you might do that.

    2. Now in process of switching over to a wordpress blog (which I’ll announce once I have it formatted to my liking). How do I create spoiler space (or show only the first paragraph of a post) in the word press blog?

    3. I’ve moved my reviews to a wordpress blog. I will be deactivating the three existing reviews at my original blog shortly. Please update the link to my reviews

      Along with other advantages of WordPress, my reviews are now correctly spoiler-cut.

      George Penrose.

      1. Maybe the folks who run these sites and blogs will post 2009 reviews in the next weeks. It’s still very early in the comp. As you wrote, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

  3. btw. one of those sites is run by Jacqueline A. Lott from IntroComp. And she reviews IFComp games every year, as far as I’m concerned.

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