More on Boston PAX

As zarf notes over here, we’ve submitted some panel suggestions to PAX East (and other people are welcome to do more). That’s Boston, March 26-28, 2010. Definitely planning to be there, besides me: J. Robinson Wheeler, Robb Sherwin, Aaron Reed, Andrew Plotkin, Mark Musante, Jeremy Freese, Juhana Leinonen, Jonathan Blask, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Jacqueline Lott Ashwell, Dave Cornelson, John Cater, David Welbourn, Iain Merrick, Jesse McGrew, Christopher Armstrong, Nick Montfort (part of the weekend); possibly Stephen Granade, Mike Rubin, and Jim Munroe; Jason Scott, almost certainly premiering Get Lamp.

6 thoughts on “More on Boston PAX”

  1. That’s so cool! I wish I could come and learn from and meet people but it’s too close to GDC for me timewise. Hopefully there will be videos or suchlike.

  2. Holy poop! I go to PAX west regularly and was planning to give PAX E a miss this year.. but that reads like a who’s who of IF. Hard decisions to make!

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