Cool stuff you might enjoy

If you got a Kindle recently, Choice of Games has announced that several of their products are now available from the Kindle store. These are CYOA-style works, so they don’t involve as much typing as Kindle IF would. Check out Choice of the Dragon or Choice of Broadsides.

Treasures of a Slaver’s Kingdom is now free, after three years of being available for pay only. It was totally worth buying, as I said at the time, but now you don’t even have to. Enjoy a dwarf sidekick, limb loss, and a highly-effective PILLAGE verb.

2 thoughts on “Cool stuff you might enjoy”

  1. I very much hope and pray this channel bring more patrons to the support of artists like you. IF is about the only art that pays worse than poetry — poetry itself falling behind graffitti — but that might change and I hope it does.

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