16 thoughts on “Take that, Mazes”

    1. That’s really subjective, since “drawing a map” can mean many different things. In Varicella the map is almost a tactical planbook, while in an explorer-type game like Treasures of a Slaver’s Kingdom it serves more navigational purposes. Some games like Delightful Wallpaper might make a literal puzzle out of the map, and in long but easily-navigatable games like Spiritwrak a map helps to keep track of all the available puzzles at any given time.

      1. Not to mention that a reasonable number of mazes require not maps, but spreadsheets. There was one that stuck with me where every room had the same name/description and had 10 exits, and every exit was only one way. Map *that*.

  1. hm. I’d take this graph with a few grains of salt, actually. Although resources like Baf’s Guide and IFDB do mark some games as having mazes, they rarely mark explicitly that a game does not have any mazes. There have also been significant lulls in reporting and cataloging our info.

    Still, I’m willing to grant the general notion that there’s somewhat less mazes in recent games than those written a decade or so ago.

  2. If only dungeon crawls and stat-based combat would do the same.

    Next I’d like to see the per-year number of I-F blog posts. We’ll just see how the 20th century handles *that*. Hmph!

    (and thanks for the morning lol.)

    1. stat-based combat in IF? very rare…

      but yeah, I’m glad to see mazes going away too, though not puzzles.

      1. A wise man once said to me, “Weiner, you have linking issues.” Which is to say that I don’t always remember to copy the URL back into the buffer before pasting it into my comment. The second link should go here, which is to say, to the entry for “A Flustered Duck.”

        (I also noticed that there’s a tag for “guided maze,” which would get 2010 up above 0%. Still agree that there’s been a salutary move away from them.)

  3. > That’s really subjective, since “drawing a map” can
    > mean many different things.

    If I asked someone for a map and they handed me a tactical planbook or other set of written notes, I would drub them briskly with the thing they gave me and then say, ‘BRING ME A MAP!’

  4. I know the Tiny House had a “maze”. (2010) (More like the photopia maze in which there is a simple bypass, and it’s randomized, so not technically mappable, but it’s there…)

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