2 thoughts on “Heroine’s Journey and Delicious Emily, Portal 2”

  1. The best story about a heroine in my opinion is “A Dance with Rogues” (NSFW warning!). Interestingly, the story fits Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey:

    You play the princess of Betancuria. In the opening scene, your family is slaughtered, the kingdom is occupied, and the princess is raped. The ex-princess is adopted by the local thieves and has to prove herself as a rogue. On the romantic side, the princess can hook up with various companions of various character (the initial rapist, a female bard, an idealistic ranger, an outlandish dark elf, etc). In the end, she may sacrifice herself, run away with her lover, or become queen.

  2. Excellent article. I find it a little odd that your friend defined heroism as about sacrificing for others; that’s not what the hero’s journey is about, is it? Usually someone sacrifices themselves for him. But it does seem oblivious to promote sacrificing yourself for others over self-realization; besides the things you discuss, women have been literally giving their lives so that others may live for millenia. Less now, at least in developed societies, thankfully.

    (How many works of literature are there that give enormous emotional significance to death in childbirth, as opposed to having it occur offstage to get the mother out of the way? I can’t think of many — The Pursuit of Love, and maybe Independent People, and certainly A Farewell to Arms. Ernest Hemingway, feminist! I’m surely missing something.)

    This made me sad: “One of my favorite female characterizations is Dorothea in Middlemarch. That was written by a man also.” Though if he’s read it, is that the important thing?

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