IF meet-up in the UK?

I’ve moved to Oxford, and that means I’m no longer in range of the Seattle IF crowd or other local US meetups. I could see starting something in the UK, though, if there were interest. This could be something along the lines of PR-IF, the Seattle IF group, or the SF Bay IF meetup: a chance to get together and talk about craft, share tools and works in progress, possibly play games together, and whatever else seemed interesting to the members.

There are some indications of curiosity on Twitter, but I know not everyone follows there. So:

16 thoughts on “IF meet-up in the UK?

  1. Perhaps the meetup could move between locations on alternate meets? Speaking personally, t’s not so easy to make the trip back from London :(

      • The close split does make me think it’s a good idea to do something in each location. Setting something up in Oxford is (obviously) less bother for me, so I’ll probably start with that, then figure out a London location for a subsequent month.

      • I voted Oxford only, but if you’re going to a London one Kake I’d make the effort sometimes.

  2. Welcome to Oxford!

    This is cool news: I live in Oxford so a local meetup would be sweet. I can do London as well: it’s only an hour away on the train.

  3. I’d be very interested in going to a meet-up. I’m based near Reading, so Oxford would be easier and less costly but London isn’t wholly out of the question especially if there weren’t tubes involved.

  4. I’m in northern Scotland, so couldn’t manage anything in southern England. Though I do plan to be at the Worldcon in London in August 2014. But best of luck with the meetings. And good luck settling in to your new home.

  5. When (if?) you do decide to have a meetup, I’d really apreciate as long of a notice as possible. My parents live in Ascot (so London’s slightly easier for me, but Oxford isn’t too much further) but I’m in the states. I visit them and if a meetup was around one of the times I’m off school, I could plan my arrival/departure dates with that in mind but I book my tickets quite a while beforehand.

    • What I’m thinking of here is a semi-regular meetup that would recur, not a single big blow-out event. But it’s possible that we could have one when you’re likely to be around, even so.

  6. Late, I know, but welcome to the UK! Having you here makes me proud to be a UK resident.

    If there is an IF meetup in this country, I will probably attend it, funds permitting. Oxford would probably be easiest for me, but I can’t speak for anyone else.

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