Mid-March Link Assortment

March 17, Queer Code London holds a workshop on graphical uses of Twine (co-sponsored by the Oxford/London IF Meetup).

I will be at GDC March 19-23, speaking at the AI Summit and present at the Spirit AI expo floor booth.

March 20, Sunderland Creative Writing Festival offers a workshop on writing choose your own ending stories (looks like it’s focused on craft and choice design, and might be non-digital).

Through March 21, the MIT Rotch Library (77 Mass Ave, 2nd Floor) is running an exhibit about computer-generated books called Author Function.

March 26, the Dublin Interactive Fiction Meetup gets together to look at point and click adventure design and tooling.

April 1 is the date to submit games to Spring Thing 2018, and they’ll become available for people to play on April 5.

April 6-8 is Now Play This in London, a curated show of experimental gameplay that coincides with the London Games Festival.

April 7 is the next meeting of the SF Bay IF Meetup.

April 7 is also the next meeting of the Baltimore/DC Meetup. The topic there will be Papers, Please.

April 18 is the next meeting of the Oxford/London IF Meetup, where inkle studios’ Joseph Humfrey will talk to us about making interactive text look good and flow well — and in my view there’s no one better to learn that from.

And further in the future but worth planning ahead for: Feral Vector is May 31-June 2 this year. This is a joyous, playful indie conference in Yorkshire and has always been delightful when I’ve been able to attend. (I can’t make it this year, alas.)


inkle has released SLayout, a Unity package for making text flow attractively in apps. This is very cool!

And if you want more background on the whys and hows of this kind of design, Joe Humfrey will be speaking to the London IF Meetup about user-friendly text experiences in April (exact date TBD, but when we’ve nailed down date and time I will announce it at the Meetup site and of course mention it here).


Newly out from Your Story Interactive is Sails in the Fog, an illustrated IF/visual-novel style piece for iOS and Android. A quick glance at the screenshots gives a pretty good idea of the style and concept, so if you didn’t get enough female swashbuckling with Shadowhand, this may be for you:

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