End of March Link Assortment

April 1 is the date to submit games to Spring Thing 2018, and they’ll become available for people to play on April 5. Bonus link: here’s a history of Spring Thing, for those who are new to the competition.

April 6-8 is Now Play This in London, a curated show of experimental gameplay that coincides with the London Games Festival.

April 7 is the next meeting of the SF Bay IF Meetup.

April 7 is also the next meeting of the Baltimore/DC Meetup. The topic there will be Papers, Please.

April 18 is the next meeting of the Oxford/London IF Meetup, where inkle studios’ Joseph Humfrey will talk to us about making interactive text look good and flow well — and in my view there’s no one better to learn that from.

And further in the future but worth planning ahead for: Feral Vector is May 31-June 2 this year. This is a joyous, playful indie conference in Yorkshire and has always been delightful when I’ve been able to attend. (I can’t make it this year, alas.)

Really far in the future, IFTF has announced work on an IF/narrative games conference to take place in Boston in 2019.


New Releases

Nicholas Brakespeare is crowdfunding a new parsery game called The Pilgrimage, in a home-made engine.


Coming out this month from Quirk Books is My Lady’s Choosing, a CYOA-style Regency romance.

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