Mid-October Link Assortment


October 25, the London IF Meetup is having a virtual IF Comp game playthrough – 2 PM to 5 PM, you can join us on Zoom. As there are a hundred games this year, we’ll only get through a few of them, but we’ll aim to have a mix of game styles represented.

November 7 is the next meeting of the SF/Bay Area IF Meetup.

Contests & Jams

IF Comp has just opened for judges to play and rate this year’s games. Judges must play at least 5 games and rate them by November 29.

The competition is also continuing to accept prizes and contributions to the Colossal Fund.

Meanwhile, the 23rd Annual Saugus.Net Halloween contest is still accepting entries for another week, with the deadline on October 22. Ectocomp 2020 is still open for submissions as well, until October 30.

In a typical year (not this one) the AdventureX Narrative Games Convention would have been held in the UK in mid-late autumn. Because the convention this year was canceled, the AdventureX team has instead decided to host a non-ranked game jam from November 14-28. AdvXJam focuses on story-driven games (but this can be broadly and creatively interpreted) and it is open to authors at all levels of experience.


“What if you could dive into a Wikipedia rabbit hole in the year 2049 and use that information to investigate a high-profile assassination?” That’s the question asked in the premise of Neurocracy, a project by Joannes Truyens and Matei Stanca of Playthroughline. The game is currently in the early stages of development, and still needs some additional funding, if you are interested in helping it get off the ground. You can check out the preview here:

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