Mid-March Link Assortment


March 19 is the next meeting of the Boston Area IF Meetup.

March 21 is the next meeting of the Seattle/Tacoma IF Meetup. The group will feature Hanon Ondricek to play and discuss his 2016 game Fair.

March 28 is the submission deadline for Spring Thing 2021.

March 31 is the submission deadline for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam.

April 3 is the next meeting of the SF/Bay Area IF Meetup.

Game Jams & Competitions

The Text Adventure Literacy Jam is still continuing to accept submissions until March 31st. The jam encourages authors to build text adventure games suitable for absolute beginners. There are two versions of the game jam, one in English, and one in Spanish.

Registration for ParserComp 2021 also opens on April 1. The comp focuses on parser-based text adventure games in the style of Zork or Photopia.

Links & Articles

In a recent profile of Ink, I discuss Failbetter’s reasons for using it in the creation of branching conversations for Mask of the Rose.

Back at the start of January, Aaron Reed started an ambitious project to cover 50 Years of Text Games, starting with the very first BASIC text version of Oregon Trail in 1971. The series focuses on one game from each year and the story surrounding its creation, release, and impact.

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