Epic Origins of CamelGirl revisited, and Spring Thing conclusion

I had already played the opening of “Epic Origins of CamelGirl!”, but it turned out that the bug I encountered was due to interpreter problems, not the game, so I went back and gave it another chance with a different interpreter (under Windows XP).

I’ll continue with some more comments and my overall impressions of Spring Thing after the cut; but if you’ve played the games at all, remember to vote! The deadline is Wednesday, April 25. Spring Thing sometimes suffers from a relatively low number of votes and reviews, which is too bad, because the games tend to be interesting and more fully developed than the average IF Comp game; so if you have a chance to play and vote, please do so.

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Spring Thing games: The Starship Volant

Another review of games from Spring Thing 2007, looking at the last one I haven’t tried: The Starship Volant. What follows is not terribly spoilery but should still be avoided by anyone wanting to experience the game entirely fresh.

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