Second Person

Second Person is now available for sale. It is a collection of essays on role-playing and board games, and some related computer game forms, including IF. It has a very short piece by me. It also has lots of great material by other people. I haven’t gotten my contributor copy yet, but I’m looking forward to it; others may want to check it out too.

7 thoughts on “Second Person”

  1. Hey, contribute a short essay to a book that’s less than 800 pages long, will ya?

    Congratulations, by the way. I put that up on my wishlist for a time when I’m not paying tuition.

  2. Just picked this up — I particularly enjoyed the essays by Jordan Mechner, Jeremy Douglass, Meretzky, Montfort, and you, having read the book with an eye towards characterization and setting.

    Thanks for showing me that it existed.

  3. (to say nothing of your review of the anthology, which is both great commentary and quite insightful)

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