End of November Link Assortment


December 5  is the next meeting of the SF/Bay Area IF Meetup.

December 13 is the next meeting of the Seattle Area IF Meetup, including a discussion of Amazing Quest 3.

December 13 will also be the next meeting of the Oxford & London IF Meetup, doing a group play of some 2020 releases.

Contest, Jams, and Festivals

IF Comp 2020 has just completed its judging portion, and one should be able to peruse the site to see the top-rated games. For those interested in reviews of this year’s options, you can also check out the intfiction thread here (although spoilers abound, obviously).

AdvXJam has also completed its submission portion, but the games are still available to play here.

New Releases

Choice of Games has also recently added Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale to its collection, a 1.2 million-word “interactive comedy of manners by Kreg Segall. It’s a standalone sequel to Tally Ho, inspired by P.G. Wodehouse, where your choices control the story.”

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