Mid-December Link Assortment


December 22 is the next Boston Area IF Meetup.

January 2 is the next SF Bay Area IF Meetup.

Contest, Jams, & Festivals

IF Comp 2020 has wrapped, and results of the competition have been announced. This year we saw two first-place winners: The Impossible Bottle by Linus Åkesson and Tavern Crawler by Josh Labelle. All the games are still available for play on the site.

New Releases

Back in August, I mentioned that I was working with Nerial on a game adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I’m pleased to announce that the finished product had its launch just a few days ago, and it’s now available on Steam.

If you enjoy escape rooms but can’t do one just now, you might get a kick out of the recently-released puzzle game / interactive story National Elf Service:

Additionally, Aaron Reed has just released Skycrawl, which you can get as either a PDF or full book:

Welcome to the Azure Etern.

This supplement for any fantasy roleplaying system gives you the rules and inspiration to run your own hexcrawl-style adventure in an infinite sky. Handle dangerous voyages through the clouds with a strategic Journey System, learn the secrets of Orcery to distill alchemical secrets from the winds, generate new flying peoples and ships of all descriptions, and peruse so many adventure seeds and encounter ideas, you won’t remember which way is up. Not that you’ll need to.

Articles & Links

And finally: people may be interested in this bit on how the story works in Watch Dogs: Legion, particularly the “play as anyone” feature.

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