End of December Link Assortment


January 2 is the next SF Bay Area IF Meetup.

January 10 is the next Seattle-Tacoma Area IF Meetup.

January 16 is the Boston FIG Fest, with the goal fostering the next generation of game creators. The event is online this year, and registration is pay-what-you-like.

January 24, the Oxford/London IF meetup will get together online; I’ll be talking about the design process for Orwell’s Animal Farm – people wanting to learn more about storylet-based IF design may find it interesting.

Contest, Jams, & Festivals

For anyone interested in reading postmortems of IF Comp 2020, there is a fun thread here that covers many of the titles, including The Impossible Bottle.

Articles & Links

Now Play This has an open call for proposals for paid games work. This year’s edition is focused on the relationship between games, play, and the climate crisis. The submission deadline is coming up quickly on January 5.

Here is an interesting article on some of the work underlying AI Dungeon, focusing especially on the importance of analogy.

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