Mid-May Link Assortment


May 16 is the next Seattle Area IF Meetup.

May 17 is the next Boston Area IF Meetup.

May 23 is a workshop-style meeting of the London/Oxford IF Meetup. The group will be offering feedback on open design problems (some tips and guidelines are included in the event description). You’re welcome whether or not you’ve got an open problem of your own to share.

June 5 is the next SF / Bay Area IF Meetup.

June 21 I will be presenting to the VOLUPTAS summer school, which is working on playable experiences to teach architecture. Game designers interested in the crossover with architectural pedagogy might find this an interesting project.

New Releases

The folks at Clockwork Bird have recently released Silicon Dreams on Steam.

It’s 2065, and you are an interrogator-model android tasked with rooting out deviants among your own kind. You must probe for lies, monitor and exploit emotional spikes, earn the trust of your subjects, and make the final call: release, or destroy?

More info is available here.

Filip Hráček has also finished the modern-day fantasy Knights of San Francisco for both iOS and Google Play.

What if goblins, ogres, and dragons weren’t imagined? What if our ancestors were, unwittingly, foretelling the future? Find yourself in that future, centuries from now, among the ruins of what was once the 21st century – where these terrifying creatures roam freely…

Links & Articles

Stella Wisdom, the Digital Curator for Contemporary British Collections at the British Library is running a tree-themed game jam for the Urban Tree Festival this month. The jam is accepting submissions until May 23.

The Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narratives has posted a call for papers for the ICIDS November 2021 Conference.

The theme for the conference this year is Interconnectedness and Social Impact. We encourage authors to consider possible connections to this theme in their papers, but we emphasize that there is no requirement that papers reflect the theme, either implicitly or explicitly. The theme is meant as inspiration, and is not intended to act as a constraint.”

More information is available on the site; the main submission deadline is June 25.

One thought on “Mid-May Link Assortment”

  1. Emily, thank you so much for telling people about our experimental little narrative game! We really really appreciate it :)

    Ooh, knights of san francisco looks immediately intriguing! I really want more narrative games on my phone so this is an instant buy from me.

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