End of May Link Assortment


June 5 is the next SF / Bay Area IF Meetup.

June 13 is the next Seattle Area IF Meetup.

June 21 I will be presenting to the VOLUPTAS summer school, which is working on playable experiences to teach architecture. Game designers interested in the crossover with architectural pedagogy might find this an interesting project.

June 30 is the ParserComp 2021 submission deadline.

Links & Articles

Sofia Kitromili at Bournemouth University is currently conducting a user experience study on improving mental resilience through the use of an interactive narrative application, and is looking for people over the age of 18 to participate.

The storytelling experience will prompt participants to engage in choice-based conversational storytelling and allow them to traverse a narrative as well as engage in optional reading and writing activities that are designed to strengthen mental resilience. Anyone interested to know more can send an email to Sofia at skitromili@bournemouth.ac.uk.

New Releases

Steve Ince has a new book coming out, aimed at kids who want to learn the ropes of game writing. The book launch is scheduled for June 20, and will have a live streaming event on Facebook at 5pm BST. The book is primarily written for designers ages 10 and up.


Tim Fowers is currently running a kickstarter for his latest game, Paperback Adventures. As of this post, the project is already backed, but you can still donate or secure a copy if you are so inclined.

“Conquer a menagerie of pulp novel characters in this solo deckbuilding word game.

Just like in the original game Paperback—and its follow up, Hardback—you will build your own deck of cards throughout the game, and those cards will have letters to help you spell words every turn. But in Paperback Adventures, instead of testing your wordsmithing wit against other players, you will use your words to defeat a series of AI enemies in “roguelike” fashion.

Paperback Adventures is a solo-focused game. It was designed from the ground up as a strategic, highly-replayable solo word game. There are also additional gameplay variants for cooperative play between two players.”

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