Two readings of possible interest

The last couple of days have brought some interesting reads that weren’t announced on RAIF, so I’ll mention them here:

Trotting Krips’ review of Planetfall. I’ve never gotten around to playing this one myself.

Nick Montfort’s dissertation on nn, an IF development system he designed in the course of getting his doctorate at Penn. The dissertation runs to several hundred pages, so it’s not a light read, but I’d recommend a look to those interested in IF theory. Some of what he writes is fairly technical discussion of how his system works, and it’s difficult to judge its merits given that there aren’t any actual games written in it (as he admits himself); on the other hand, he also does a lot of theoretical definition of the different aspects of IF games.

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Speaking of Trotting Krips…

They’ve kindly taken on a review I wasn’t quite sure where to place, of “Ron Weasley and the Quest for Hermione”. It’s a work of Adult IF, but I don’t mostly talk about the sex scenes; the review focuses on some craft and adaptation issues, since I’ve been interested lately in adaptation IF.

This may well mean that the target audience of the review consists of about three people. If one of those people is you, though, enjoy!

Some old review sites, back again

I’m delighted to hear that Reviews from Trotting Krips is posting some new reviews of IF — they were always an entertainingly irreverent site, but haven’t had much new material lately. And I see that the IF Ratings site, after being inactive for a while, is now loaded with a bunch of recent games ready for ratings. So hooray, and thanks to the admins of these sites.