Re. Floatpoint v2

Since several people have contacted me about this in the last couple of days (it seems to happen in waves): no, a new build of Floatpoint is not imminent. I realize it is annoying that the current build has a few bugs, one of them unsightly, and I agree it’s not entirely recommendable to new players in the current state. But I am, at this point, disinclined to release a build that only fixes those problems, because feedback indicates that what the game really needs is a rewrite: for best effect, it needs to be a four- to six-hour piece, featuring much more conversation with significant characters, more internal structure, better exploration of the back-story and justification of the central problem, and so on.

I am working towards this, in various ways, but it is not likely to be done in the near future; and (perhaps obviously) Inform 7 support also consumes a fair amount of my available time.

Anyway, I apologize to those who are vexed by this, but that is the state of affairs.

3 thoughts on “Re. Floatpoint v2”

  1. Now that I’ve finally played it, bugs aren’t enough of a problem for me to really want them fixed for myself, but that one bug in particular is quite a distraction to newcomers to the game. I don’t really understand the decision to release a quick bugfixed version for them, unless it’s simply too much work – and perhaps it is. That’s none of my business though.

    I was not really bothered by the lack of justification for the central problem, as were some, but would find such justification a great improvement. Similarly, I found Floatpoint a well-written and interesting story even at its short length, but do very much agree that it would probably be better suited to several hours. Involved, detailed conversation would also improve the work by a bound, if done as well as you often do.

    I would immediately and happily play a new version with any of these additions, so you are justified in completing them if I represent others.

  2. What bug is that? I just played release 1 of Floatpoint and I really, really liked it. I went native and I wanted to (rot13 for spoilers) erpvrir gur xavsr sebz n erq-jrnevat Nlyrar; zl gnxr ba gur CP orpnzr zhpu zber pbasvqrag va gur pbybavfgf guna va UP.

    V nyfb jnagrq gb ernq gur flzoby-svfu va gur cbby jvgu gur pbzchgre! Other than that, I think the game is fine; the way the game handles conversation is interesting.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!

    There is a semi-cosmetic bug which only happens if you go certain places with certain objects; it may make a scene look unfinishable (though there is a way around the problem it raises).

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