I7: New Version Up

For those who don’t follow rec.arts.int-fiction, there is a new release of Inform 7. In addition to fixing over a hundred bugs reported in the previous release, it provides dynamic string handling for the first time, and regular-expression matching.

This means that it’s possible to (for instance) run regular expressions on the player’s command to modify it before parsing; that it’s possible to make any “to say” phrase produce upper-, lower-, title-, or sentence-cased output; and that it’s easier to store and read back text files for use by Glulx.

There are other goodies too.

IFDB Launch

A cool new thing! Mike Roberts has announced the launch of IFDB, a database of IF games. It pulls together reviews from a variety of sources and allows users to add their own new reviews and recommendation lists, a la Amazon. You can also use IFDB to track games that you’ve already played; view the game’s metadata, if any (such as cover art and the teaser provided by the author); and download files.

There is ongoing work on features to automatically install and launch new games, too, removing that tedious “find the correct interpreter, then install it, then use it” process that novices to the genre tend to find unappealing.

Savoir-Faire Feelies as PDF

Thanks to Vince Laviano, there is now a PDF version of the Savoir-Faire feelies. These were once produced in physical form, and included

— a modern-day letter (page 1 of the PDF) offering some context
— a pamphlet about the history of the Lavori d’Aracne
— a scrap of somewhat tattered old paper containing a design for part of the mechanical chef
— a sealed letter, to be read after playing (the last page of the PDF)

I have put it on the archive, but since it will take a few days to work its way through there, the file is also downloadable for now from elsewhere.