Minor improvements

The Inform extensions page has now been upgraded so that

  • The defunct “(compatible with 4S08)” tags have been removed, since they’re no longer relevant; all extensions on the page have been re-
    tested as of this afternoon and those that do not compile (and there are only a couple) have been marked accordingly.
  • Extensions are now time-stamped with the date of last modification. (At the moment everything is registered to today, but new extensions will be correctly stamped as they are added.)
  • New or recently updated extensions are now marked “new” or “updated.”
  • Some new categories have been added to make things easier to find.
  • A table of contents appears at the head of the page to make navigation easier; this also shows in which categories new or updated extensions have been filed.
  • The site now has an RSS feed which will automatically carry information on any new and updated extensions as they are added.

Inform 7 for the Fiction Author

Jeff Nyman recently raised the idea of having a guide to Inform 7 specifically written for an experienced fiction author without background in IF, and I posted a brainstormed outline for such a project. The formatting was pretty ugly on Usenet, though, and I had a few ideas for revisions, so here is another, longer and better-laid-out version of the same thing, with more links to relevant games and articles.

This still isn’t nearly into the shape I would use if I were actually going to write this book — and I don’t have time to do any such thing right now anyway; I have a bunch of things to do for Inform 7, feelies.org, and the long-neglected theory book before I could take up a project of this magnitude. (And I’d like to have a little time to work on a WIP of my own — IF support work has pretty much wiped out my time for that kind of thing lately.) But possibly people will find the brainstorming interesting, even if it isn’t worked up into a complete document.

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Graphics Windows for Glulx

I’ve just uploaded to Inform’s extension page a couple of new extensions: “Simple Graphics Window”, which allows the author to create a single graphical window, and “Location Images”, a much smaller item which uses this ability to illustrate rooms automatically as the player moves through them (assuming the author has assigned an image to each room).

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