Mostly Frivolous

One of the curious things about having moved my website to WordPress is that I can now see what people are searching for when they wind up here. I regret to say that many of these searches were in fact futile, but here, perhaps I can answer a few of the questions after all:

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Spring Thing games: The Epic Origins of CamelGirl!

I have been wishing for some new IF to play, and conveniently, Spring Thing games are out. Judges are permitted to comment on games during the competition as long as such comments are clearly marked — so consider yourself warned. Some comments follow, on the Epic Origins of CamelGirl!.

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Savoir-Faire Feelies as PDF

Thanks to Vince Laviano, there is now a PDF version of the Savoir-Faire feelies. These were once produced in physical form, and included

— a modern-day letter (page 1 of the PDF) offering some context
— a pamphlet about the history of the Lavori d’Aracne
— a scrap of somewhat tattered old paper containing a design for part of the mechanical chef
— a sealed letter, to be read after playing (the last page of the PDF)

I have put it on the archive, but since it will take a few days to work its way through there, the file is also downloadable for now from elsewhere.