On Stephen Bond on Player Freedom

Stephen Bond recently (very recently, I think) posted an essay on player freedom, essentially arguing that IF shouldn’t be about offering the player moral choice, and that not forcing the player to make a specific choice is a kind of artistic abdication, giving up the opportunity (or the responsibility) to Say Something.

Now I’m about to disagree with him, at some length.

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Over the weekend I played and quite enjoyed Adventurer’s Consumer Guide by Oyvind Thorsby. I will probably publish a longer review later, but for now I want to mention it because it doesn’t seem to be getting much notice on the newsgroups, which is a pity. It’s a game of the light-hearted, puzzle-centric type: the puzzles are good, the game is very soundly tested, and there are lots of nifty easter eggs.

Graphics Windows for Glulx

I’ve just uploaded to Inform’s extension page a couple of new extensions: “Simple Graphics Window”, which allows the author to create a single graphical window, and “Location Images”, a much smaller item which uses this ability to illustrate rooms automatically as the player moves through them (assuming the author has assigned an image to each room).

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